innertubes for pushchairs

Pushchair inner tubes, buggy inner tubes, pram inner tubes, wheelchair inner tubes.

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If you already know what size pushchair inner tube, buggy inner tube, pram inner tube or wheelchair inner tube you need, you can buy the five most common sizes here.


We promise to post them to you very promptly and you should expect them to drop through your letter box in the next couple of days.

Vibe inner tube

300 x 555

angled valve

£5.69 (UK post free)

Or get 2 for £10

Pushchair inner tube

12.5 x 2.25

angled valve

£5.69 (UK post free)

Or get 2 for £10

Pram inner tube

10 x 1.7

angled valve

£5.69 (UK post free)

Or get 2 for £10

Buggy inner tube

8 x 1.25

angled valve

£5.69 (UK post free)

Or get 2 for £10

Wheelchair inner tube

6 x 1.25

angled valve

£6.69 (UK post free)

Or get 2 for £12

Before we go any further, we want to tell you about the first of

'Cyclaire's Laws of Pushchair inner Tubes'


Simply put, to avoid bamboozling ourselves with science...


'You will get a puncture at the most awkward moment possible.'


Our advice, to minimise the pain of a puncture suffered under The First Cyclaire Law of Pushchair Inner Tubes, is to always have a couple of spare tubes in stock


So, if you are buying a tube today to replace one that has a puncture, get two and keep the other in a safe place for next time.  We are sure you won't regret it.


You might want to read about the other Cyclaire Laws of Pushchair Inner Tubes - including the things we have done to reduce the problem that they cause!


If you are not sure which size of pram inner tube, buggy inner tube or pushchair inner tube to order...  Check out our helpful sizing guide


If you are not sure how to change an inner tube or repair a puncture,

we have a writen a short 'how to change a pushchair inner tube' guide.


All of the pushchair inner tubes we supply are made to our own (fussy) specification


We specify a consistently high quality inner tube.  The materials used are a slightly higher grade, the valves are made of metal, are very durable and are angled so that it is so much easier to attach a pump.


The inner tube that we supply to you is made of high specification butyl rubber.  We specifiy a heavier grade than often used, which means that the inner tubes are thicker and much more resistant to punctures.


Most pushchair and wheelchair manufacturers use one of a small selection of sizes of tyres and inner tubes. The inner tubes that we supply will fit many of the common brands of pushchair, pram, buggy, stroller and wheelchair including, but not limited to, Bugaboo, Jane, Quinny, icandy, Maclaren, Phil & Teds, Baby Jogger, John Lewis Quinny inner tubes, icandy inner tubes, Maclaren inner tubes, Bugaboo inner tubes, we stock them all