The Immutable Laws of Pushchair Inner Tubes


First Law of Pushchair Inner Tubes


'A puncture will always occur at a time that causes maximum stress and inconvenience'


You know what we mean!Just as you are loading the car to go on holiday - Pushchair Puncture!

Just as you are rushing out of the house to do the school run - Pushchair Puncture!

Just as you are setting off on the first walk you have had in ages because the weather has been so rubbish - Pushchair Puncture!


We have been there and we know how mad a punctured pushchair inner tube can make you.


Our advice to minimise the pain of a puncture suffered under Cyclaire's First Law of Pushchair Inner Tubes is to always have a couple of spare tubes in stock so,if you are buying a tube today to replace one that has a puncture, go ahead, get two and keep the other in a safe place for next time.  We are sure you won't regret it.




Second Law of Pushchair Inner Tubes


'The shop that was only too happy to relieve you of a pile of money when you bought your pushchair isn't always quite so helpful when you just need a replacement inner tube'


We have been to many pushchair shops in our time: excellent independents, shiny new branches of the big chains, department stores and supermarkets.In all cases we have marvelled at the extensive range of pushchairs on offer (and winced at the price tag of some of them).  Yet when we have looked round or asked about an inner tube for such and such a model, usually all we get is a blank look.  That's bad enough but, in some cases where inner tubes are stocked, the price is enough to cause a dizzy feeling.  Now, we aren't saying that all pram shops should be tarred with the same brush here, but we are pretty sure that the convenience and competitive pricing of buying pushchair inner tubes from us and having them drop through the letter box just a day or two later is hard to beat.




Third Law of Pushchair Inner Tubes


'How come finding out what size of replacement pushchair inner tube I need is so hard?'


Just like car tyres, the size of a pushchair tyre is often found on the sidewall of the tyre.In a perfect world, you would look at the side of the tyre and it would say '12.5 x 2.25' and you would immediately know the size of inner tube you need to buy.However, there is no uniform standard applied and it is not uncommon for metric sizes to be displayed (alone or with the imperial equivalent too), or for a tube manufacturer to use there own sizing nomenclature that seems designed only to confuse you.  There are also, of course, tyre makers that simply don't put anything on the side of their tyres / tubes at all - isn't that helpful?  Last, but by no means least, some pushchair manufacturers choose a wheel size that is unique to them or discontinued - that makes for some real fun!  


Anyway, we have done what we can to produce a helpful sizing guide.  If you find that you can't get the exact size that you think you need, don't lose hope.  Pushchair inner tubes are made of rubber and are, therefore, stretchy.  So, if you need a 13 inch tube, but can't find one anywhere, get a 12.5 inch tube, put a bit of air in and stretch it a bit - it should fit.




Fourth Law of Pushchair Inner Tubes


'The wheels on my pushchair are so small that its hard to attach a pump to the valve'


Oh yes, small wheels, spokes in an awkward place and adult sized hands - not a recipe for making it easy to fasten the pump onto the valve. We sympathise and make sure that we only supply pushchair inner tubes with a bent valve.  The bend puts the end of the valve out of the way of the spokes and makes it much easier to attach the pump (a Cyclaire Rapid pump is the best pump to use in our opinion).  


So, if you need Quinny Buzz inner tubes, Phil & Ted's inner tubes, Jane pushchair inner tubes, Bugaboo inner tubes, then you are at the right place. The inner tubes we supply will fit pretty much any brand of pushchair, pram or stroller. If you are in any doubt, give us a call or drop us an email.